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          bonial – horaires et promos – moins de co2

3 août 2006 4 03 /08 /août /2006 15:24

"....i am not totally naive and more likely a little bit sceptical, but it seems for me that a webtifada is possible. ghandi's concept but on the net. one fucking billion of people saying NO. it looks cheesy i know, but is there something else to do?
anyways, i thank you all (especially the israelis, germans, english and american people who have the balls to refuse what they are told they should do by their government).
i'd like to be able to thank personally, "live", each one of you. it'll take a lifetime, but i'll try. after.


...en plus...ses dessins sont magnifiques...

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Flo 04/08/2006 09:05

I totally agree with you ... Where do I sign ?

Nonette 03/08/2006 19:52

Si vous allez faire un tour sur ce blog, prenez également le temps de lire celui de Marc Kaloustian (lien à droite sur le blog de Mazen).Ses textes sont franchement poignants et en français...